RW2 3D Spoon Necklaces

This is something special!

I am teaming up with a fellow artist, “Simply Oli” to bring you these 3D Spoon necklaces. We met at a show and I loved her work, and she liked mine as well, and I love to collaborate with other artist. So here they are!

Pendant Details:

-Made from a stainless steel spoon and tiny prints of Robert’s Art
-Pendant is approximately 2.75 inches long
-Resin is used to fill the spoon to keep it sealed and waterproof
-Necklace: Chain length default is 19 inches

*Because of its hand crafted nature pendants may have slight imperfections*

after.jpgalice.jpgangler.jpgarabella.jpgcataclysmic.jpgcateye.jpgclownfish.jpgcora.jpgdark shadows.jpgdeedum.jpgeco marine.jpgestelle.jpgfisheye.jpggrey gardens.jpgjasmine.jpgkendra.jpgmaya.jpgmigration.jpgorva.jpgpage.jpgrasha.jpgsailfliyfish.jpgsmithsonian.jpgsticks.jpgtristessa.jpgwhwd.jpgwr.jpgzurtles.jpg