Frequently Asked Questions
1.)  Do I Take Commissions? Yes,  I do take commissions,
however, don’t ask me to do a portrait of your parents (unless you
want to see them as one of my creatures),  or copy a photograph.
I am guessing that if you are here you like
my style,  When  I
take on a commission,  You will be modeling for one of my
pieces,  for more details, including pricing
click here.
3.)  Have I painted Alice?  No not yet,  but what would my
Wonderland series be without her?  I just like for you to squirm
and suffer a little- Its good for you. Yes I will be painting her.
4.) Can  I model for you? Sure look at #1.  If you commission a
piece, the finished product will be something I am proud of and
will appear on the website, again any commissioned work will be
done in my style.
5.)  Can I draw you a tattoo?  I would love to say yes, but
unfortunately I have little time to myself as it is, so no- sorry.
However,  if you see an image on this site that you want as a
tattoo- feel free!  I would love to see the finished product.  I think
The Mad Hatter would make a sweet tattoo!
6.)  How long have I been painting? I have always been into
art for as long as I can remember,  but I have been oil painting
since about 1998.
7.)  Who is my favorite artist?  Okay so I have two that are at
the top of my list…In no specific order-  Vargas and Tim Burton
8.)  What is my favorite piece out of my work?  Azorie,  when
I finished that piece I knew that I had what it takes to make it as
an artist, No, she is not for sale.
9.)  If I could meet anyone, who would it be?  I would like to
spend more time with my Grandma
10.)  How do I get my inspiration for each piece?  I live, I take
from my emotion, and the world around me.
11.)  What is my favorite color?  hmmmm,  If I told you I would
have to kill you.
12.)  Who is my favorite author? My mom is of course is #1… I
think Stephen King is a Genius, critics are too hard on him,  I also
love V.C. Andrews,  Chuck Palahniukand, and Jean M. Auel.
All  Content Copyrighted © by Robert W. Walker.   For usage or licensing questions email me at
.  Otherwise, take a look through the galleries of mermaids, vampire bats, dark fairy
tails and the ever growing collection of creatures of my world…
Contact Robert W. Walker Robert@RW2Gallery.com

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