ZOMBIE WALK and flyering for MY SHOW!!!!

If you didn’t know yet, I’m having my first big gallery show in 8 years!  Check out my news page for details or better yet, join my event page on face-book!


So I heard about a Zombie Walk happening in downtown Phoenix, so what better way to pass out some flyers for my show than create the best ZOMBIE there!  Of course I always hear about these things last minute…

Here are the pics of me Airbrushing Jason, as a Zombie.  We passed out tons of flyers, and he was the star Zombie;)

Zombie PledgeThe transformationWorking in layersAdding highlights to your ZOMBIEAdmire and consider your ZombieZOMBIEPaint all of your ZOMBIETesting, testingGracie LouZombie! lift them arms!Nice eyesSponge paint bruising and gory detailHave a good time.Last but not least... a blood rinse!All Done Nice FlyerZOMBIE!!!!!He drew a crowd...UHHHHHHH....Thanks Butch for your photography!!!!Me and Gracie Lou passing out flyersPass out flyers!DuuuuhhhhTHANKS JASON!!!!THANKS BUTCH!!!!


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