When it becomes work… Commissions…

This is an email from a girl so Ive decided to blog about my commission process so there are no more misunderstandings…

I did not ” just happened ” to model for it . You’re painting it per my request. I know your page said you may change things like hair and eye color per your vision, but I guess I did not realize you would add something that was not discussed. I just wish you asked me first. I’m sure I asked for my painting to be just as the one I saw on you web with a plain background.

You’re right, it is beautiful and I did not say it was not. All I said is that I did not expect it.

In this past month I guess you can say I was hired to do a job… At the time I didn’t realize that, and if we would have been more clear with each other I would have definitely said- NO! I have worked with quite a few people to share my work, whether it be embellishing a giclee that fit that person, or finding them in my dream world, a new character to share in my future… I have fun with each project, and enjoy peoples’ reaction… Each giclee (canvas print) is special and different, maybe I change the hair a bit or most likely I add a different expression to the eyes… I don’t simply add a brush stroke and say its done- I love my paintings and I enjoy spending time with each one again. However, doing a commission from start to finish, like I said adding you into my world is something all together different… You’re gonna have to trust me!

This is my first commission, "Orva" she loved it!

Sara, was happy to be airbrushed by me and appear with her new painting "Orva"

When I get an email from someone that wants to be painted by me I always get excited; sure the cash is good, but its something more than that.   My wheels start turning instantly, I come up with a painting in my mind even before I get any cash down… so needless to say, they don’t always come to be- that’s just how my imagination works it never shuts off;) But after a down payment is made and it is a done deal, it becomes a challenge. I am a perfectionist with my art, and with my vision. I work with all my paintings well after the originals are gone, here are a few examples. 

1azorieorn.jpgAzorieenvy.jpgazories_dream3.jpgDarwin_Chalk_RW2.jpgdoc_and_i.jpglighters_animal_hybrids_copy.jpgmodelone.jpgNight Life Apron.jpgshower curtian example-azorie.jpgTrisstessaandpainting.jpgtristessa_clock.jpgTyandpainting.jpg

So when I accept a commission it’s under the assumption it’s because you like the way my mind works… I take vague ideas like maybe color and what animal you would like to see yourself as, but then I begin the painting… that’s where the imput stops!

I never know exactly how a painting is gonna end up. I dont draw everything out… I dont really even like drawing… And I never take a past painting and just add a new face on it…. I never even thought someone would want that; to me its stale….In the past that has always just worked. I never considered painting as a job, doing shows or mailing stuff out is my job, painting is my passion. After a paintng has started I dont wanna hear that purple is your favorite color, or that you dont like sticker bushes… If I decide to add a tree in it’s my decission, if you want to tell someone exactly what you want- hire someone else. I have never had a problem like this in my past, the most exciting thing for me is giving the painting to its new owner and seeing their reaction, I love that, it’s special to me.


So basicaly, if you want a commission by me, your imput will be your face and animal you would like to portray, also you may choose to suggest a color. If I choose the commission that is where your imput stops, I will need 1/2 Non-refundable down before I start- I will email you when the painting is finished and then you can choose to pay the remander or if you dont like it you dont gotta buy it. I want my work to go to people that share in my vision,  people that find my art special.   Also, when you become part of my world you are only recieving the original painting not any copyrights.

My commissions start at $2,000. for a 24″ x 36″ painting.

If you’re wondering what she thought of her finished painting this is what she said:

OMG I LOVE it !!! She’s absolutely amazing !!!! I was anxious to see what you did to the eyes and I must say I’m impressed. It made all the difference. I cant tell you enough how happy I am. Thank you !!! I will set up a final payment this weekend.  I knew I was gonna love her 🙂 I had all kinds of images in my head and it’s better then I expected. I even like the tree 😉

So it is a happy ending, and I have a new addition to my Animal Hybrid series that I love and am proud of!  Heres my Process!


The StartLayoutTeal????The Tree????Working at Village FestWatching the ArtistPutting the finishing touches onFinished???


Meet Kaya, my newest edition to my Animal Hybrid series

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    Hey hey we like your painting that you did it’s cool as!!.Are you haivng fun at Holland? While we’re stuck at school doing work ha ha ha!!We wish we could paint like that ha he ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hayley and Manesha!!! xoxo

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    I appreciate you for this informative web publication. Where else could anyone have that types of information coded in this incite full way? I own a project that I am just now working away at, i are already looking for such info.

  5. Mom March 23, 2012 at 2:54 am #

    I am happy to see that you explained the process of a commissioned piece, As your mom I have people asking if you do commission works and try to explain when they want a lighthouse or a cow that your art is unique, You think out of the norm, It always amazes me that they think their ideas are so good, But they do not realize it’s your vision, your art, and your lively hood so it must be sell-able. Your style is well known and loved around the world, stay true to yourself and your art,It is your profession and your great at what you do, Portrait studios are a dime a dozen,There is only one RW2

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